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A bad case of nerves

April 2016 by Jonathan Owen

The Panama Papers, squirming politicians, Sainsbury’s acquisition of Argos, taking your dog to work and the supermarket and Storm Gertrude. Jonathan Owen’s monthly round-up of the news is here.

Mushroom Roulette

October 2014 by Jonathan Owen

There are some 2000 species of mushroom in the UK of which 200 are delicious and 300 are very VERY bad for you.

Tweet Tweet

September 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Pied Wagtails and Tesco don’t mix – just like Seagulls and Open Markets.

Are ALL Banks Bad?

April 2014 by Jonathan Owen

The UK’s largest Foodbank provider, the Trussell Trust has confirmed a 51% rise in useage in the last couple of years.

Skipdiving in Mudford

February 2014 by Jonathan Owen

It’s time to celebrate – the recession is over! Official government figures confirm the UK economy grew faster than expected in 2013.

Not so Sweet

January 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Obesity in the Netherlands has doubled in the last 20 years or so and Paul van der Velpen blames much of that on sugar.

Frankenfish & Chips

October 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Back in the 1960’s Colonel Sanders of fried chicken fame allegedly tried to breed chickens with three legs for his restaurants.

Chew on this

June 2013 by Jonathan Owen

The Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson comes across as pretty credible when making speeches, but he can be let down by his friends. Last month he made a major speech in Parliament to overcome public scepticism and persuade the EU to allow cultivation of Genetically-Modified crops.