Market Improvements

Diversity, choice, localism, footfall and employment are all vital for the regeneration of town-centres – many of which have dramatically changed over recent years with greater emphasis on recreation, town-centre living and quality of life associated with shopping and eating out.

Market improvements

All markets can be improved, whatever their size, nature, location and age. Markets represent the purest form of retailing; continually evolving with trends and demographic shift. Every market needs to continually adapt to meet shopper expectations.

Raising the bar

Shoppers have been conditioned to the sophisticated sales techniques of dominant supermarket groups and high street nationals. We show markets how to compete on a level footing. They will never have the vast promotional budgets of their competitors but can still out-perform on cost and personal service.


Food Halls, Food Markets, Street Food, Makers Markets and Night Markets are the bedrock of our town-centres

Improvement strategies

We show how contemporary merchandising can sit within historic architecture. Markets today are not just about selling – they are a nursery for start-up businesses. Our business plans introduce new uses alongside footfall generators which stimulate innovation.. Small really can be beautiful.

Our strategies research local demand and improve the user-mix to suit. Occupancy levels and financial performance is remarkably swift to respond to simple improvements to footfall. We show how to make investment in Product, Premises and Promotion pay off.

Economic development

Markets create employment and support a local economy. Research by the Joseph Rowntree and New Economics Foundation confirms the importance of markets to local economies and social cohesion. It shows how markets mirror the local economy and can be used stimulate local employment by recycling wealth within the community.

Markets offer a high density of employment and level of support for the local supplier base. Development is a quick way to create jobs and the popularity of Arts & Crafts and Farmers Markets shows how visitor numbers can be boosted. Better trading days boosts nearby retailers.

Quarterbridge works in conjunction with Local Enterprise Trusts, secondary education colleges and charitable organisations to offer the first step on the business ladder. See our case studies page for some examples.

Grant assistance

Quarterbridge has helped secure DCLG funding for a market hall enterprise haven, Welsh Assembly funding for public realm improvements and HLF grant assistance for a historic building. We supported two winning bids in the ‘Portas towns’ competition and our proposals form an integral part of several DCLG ‘New Homes Bonus’ bids for affordable housing.

Market Improvements at Southport Market
Flower trader in the market