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A Kiss for the Chancellor

December 2014 by Jonathan Owen

According to Deloitte and Think Tank, Reform, about half of the necessary spending cuts have now been achieved, BUT all the quick fixes – public sector pay freezes and redundancies etc – have been used up. What’s still to come is going to be MUCH tougher. How will this affect markets?

Blowing the Whistle

November 2014 by Jonathan Owen

A whistleblower at Tesco thought the Chief Executive should be told half-year profit forecasts were being overstated by £250m.

Market Walk

October 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Market Walk, Woking’s new covered Market was opened on 4th October at a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Mayor, Tony Branagan.

Mushroom Roulette

October 2014 by Jonathan Owen

There are some 2000 species of mushroom in the UK of which 200 are delicious and 300 are very VERY bad for you.

Tweet Tweet

September 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Pied Wagtails and Tesco don’t mix – just like Seagulls and Open Markets.

Recycling across Europe

July 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Processed foods comprise a significant part of the estimated 3.4 million tonnes of food wasted every year in the UK food processing.