Poor Marius

March 2014 by Jonathan Owen

The Danish Government should have been equally concerned about the welfare of poor Marius – a perfectly healthy but unwanted 18-month old giraffe – who was shot dead in Copenhagen zoo a week earlier despite worldwide outrage.

Skipdiving in Mudford

February 2014 by Jonathan Owen

It’s time to celebrate – the recession is over! Official government figures confirm the UK economy grew faster than expected in 2013.

Not so Sweet

January 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Obesity in the Netherlands has doubled in the last 20 years or so and Paul van der Velpen blames much of that on sugar.

Cold Feet

December 2013 by Jonathan Owen

How are the January sales for you? Shoppers seem to be voting with their feet and deserting the High Street for online sales.

The Kipper Season

November 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Everyone looks forward to Christmas (e.g. Payment Card Processors) but maybe not the New Year (e.g. Market Stallholders).

Frankenfish & Chips

October 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Back in the 1960’s Colonel Sanders of fried chicken fame allegedly tried to breed chickens with three legs for his restaurants.

Hitting the Buffers

September 2013 by Jonathan Owen

The Dept. of Transport had lost control of the HS2 programme and the spiralling costs – £30 billion, then £40 billion.

Free Parking – or not

August 2013 by Jonathan Owen

So can you park your van close to your stall – and as importantly can your Customers park near the Market?

Hot Stuff

July 2013 by Jonathan Owen

The recent heatwave has got everyone hot under the collar – none more so than MP’s keen to reject a pay RISE.