Chew on this

June 2013 by Jonathan Owen

The Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson comes across as pretty credible when making speeches, but he can be let down by his friends. Last month he made a major speech in Parliament to overcome public scepticism and persuade the EU to allow cultivation of Genetically-Modified crops.

Know your Market

May 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Tesco have blamed poor sales on the economic recession but US analysts say that’s wrong.

Mean and Green

April 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Retailing is tough and everyone is toughening-up – even the John Lewis Partnership, much-admired owners of Waitrose.

Two Dead Certs

March 2013 by Jonathan Owen

News emerged from the ‘Big Four’ Supermarkets in March – Morrisons are going online and Tesco have bought-into ‘Giraffe’.

A Fiver Each Way

February 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Owen Paterson has told the FSA to investigate claims that regular warnings of horsemeat entering the food chain were ignored.

Gone, without a trace

January 2013 by Jonathan Owen

The revelation that up to 29% of the meat in economy beefburgers is horsemeat was great news for everyone who likes a good joke.

Great for Sales

December 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Starbucks paid only a paltry £8.5 million in corporation tax on £3 billion of sales over 14 years.

Taxing times for online sales

November 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Amazon, despite employing 15,000 people and enjoying estimated sales of £3.9 billion in the UK last year it paid just £1.9 million in tax.