Free for All?

October 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Great news! The double dip recession has ended! The Office for National Statistics has announced the UK economy grew by just over one half of one percent in the last quarter – largely due to a Scallop War in the English Channel.

It’s not our fault, Governor

September 2012 by Jonathan Owen

After July’s unwelcome hike in inflation the Bank of England relaxed a bit in August as the inflation rate slid back a point or so.

Saving the Euro.

June 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Staying out of the Eurozone was the best decision the last government was ever forced to take.

Service Charges

May 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Lord Howe of Aberavon used a recent speech in the House of Lords to call for an end to the UK’s mixture of metric and imperial measures.

Formidable George

April 2012 by Jonathan Owen

George Osborne is having a rough time steering the UK economy through the worst economic crisis for 60 years.

Make my (Sun)day

March 2012 by Jonathan Owen

Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans to scrap Sunday trading restrictions during the Olympics.