Limerick Milk Market

Quarterbridge recommended installing a tensile canopy roof over Limerick Milk Market as part of a Business Improvement Plan prepared for the Limerick Market Trustees. The so-called Milk Market previously traded Saturdays only from demountable stalls in the Open air square and surrounding streets and despite local popularity was often disrupted by poor weather.

Limerick Milk Market – an all-year-round venue for local food producers to sell direct

The Business Plan encouraged the Trustees and City Council to look beyond Saturday trading and weekday use as a car park towards creating a regional attraction which focussed regeneration into this historic City quarter. The weather protection canopy has created an architectural landmark and given local producers the guaranteed all-year-round venue they need to sell fresh, seasonal produce direct to Shoppers.

A focus for inward investment and regeneration and an informal, free visitor attraction

Imaginative management by the Trustees and support from the City Council has made Limerick Milk Market a champion of ‘green’ values and a centre of food excellence. It now trades three days per week and offers an Arts and Entertainment venue and a fun social space for residents and Visitors. It’s imaginative calendar of themed market days, activities and events has helped it evolve into a regional showcase for fashion and crafts as well as food.

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The market has attracted investment into the area and won the ‘Public Choice Award’, R.I.A.I Irish Architecture Awards, 2011.

Limerick Milk Market