Swansea Market Hall

Swansea Market is the largest indoor Market hall in Wales and enjoys good occupancy and an exceptionally good local produce offer. But it’s 1960’s design was overdue for a makeover when the City Centre Partnership commissioned Quarterbridge to undertake a management review and provide strategic improvement proposals

Match-funding from the Welsh Assembly

Quarterbridge first reviewed the operational management, financial performance and condition of the building before helping secure match-funding from the Welsh Assembly for initial improvements to the entrances.

Recommendations to improve operational management and the user-mix

We prepared a strategy to improve the user-mix of Swansea Market together with a programme of costed repairs and upgrades for the H&V, lighting, floor and decorative finishes. Implementing further improvements is an ongoing commitment for the City Council.

Costed proposals for a comprehensive services refurbishment

We prepared CGI illustrations for a new mezzanine catering area and stall designs which avoided the single-sided displays seen on some aisles. The improvements we implemented included replacing the external ‘sail’ signage, installing scrolling LED signage and stopping draughts by creating automatic door lobbies. Proposals are now in hand for a comprehensive modernisation of the complete building with an IT and promotional infrastructure to help Stallholders develop their businesses.

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Swansea market entrance
Swansea Inside market hall drawing