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Q: I’m confused by all those black swingy tags. What’s ‘Black Friday’ all about?

A: It’s the day after the fourth Thursday in November – ‘Thanksgiving Day’ – when Yanks sit around and eat turkeys and pumpkin pie.

Q: Thanksgiving for what – Christmas trading?

A: Hmmm, not quite. ‘Thanksgiving Day’ is a federal holiday created in 1863 by President Lincoln as a ‘National day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens’. This came in the middle of the US Civil War to celebrate the Pilgrim Fathers who held the ‘First Thanksgiving’ meal in 1621 after their first harvest in the New World.

Q: No, I still can’t see the connection…

A: US retailers call the day after Thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’ because it’s the start of the Christmas trading period when they move from the red (trading losses) into the black (lots of profit). It’s big news in US retail and everyone has Black Friday sales.

Q: Aha! What a pity I missed it…

A: Don’t worry, you’ve still got ‘Green Monday’ to look forward to – Monday 15th December. This is the busiest online shopping day each year. Evilbay loves it.

Q: Where can I find out more about Black Friday?

A: Ask a Turkey.