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Woking Market Walk


Since opening with a grand launch weekend at the beginning of October, 2014, the first few months operating Market Walk in Woking have been exciting times.

Through our dedicated management company, Woking Market Company Ltd, Quarterbridge have operated and asset-managed the new covered market development set in the heart of Woking’s retail centre. Open seven days a week, housing 15 permanent kiosks and 7 pop-ups, Market Walk is well-situated between Woking’s two shopping centres, Wolsey Place and The Peacocks.

100% let by Quarterbridge

The market was 100% let by Quarterbridge prior to opening and it successfully provides a key home for independent retailers ranging from fresh produce to flowers and catering to crafts. It is these independent retailers that make Market Walk a popular shopping destination, attracting an average 67,000 shoppers per week.

The management team is a combination of on-site management and operatives combined with head office support for marketing and administrative duties. It is this team that have guided the market through its fit-out phase, an exciting launch and a busy (though late starting) Christmas period into the first quarter of a New Year.

Market walk is a great example of collaboration between public and private sectors

Market Walk enjoys a rare position for a market in the UK, benefitting from the combined purchasing power and operational services of both the Council and shopping centre management by Woking Shopping. We can access services supplied from both parties to ensure areas such as 24/7 security and cleaning services are provided for the best value. The development of this market is a great example of a combination of a local authority financial and community investment combined with private sector experience from both the markets and shopping centre industries.

Early success for tenants

Although the market hasn’t been open long, during this short period we have already seen our tenants develop and expand. We are excited to see how they will continue to develop their businesses and how best we can support them.