Quarterbridge Lettings work with owners and operators within the private and public sector to ensure first-class market traders occupy their empty market space.

Our team can pre-let entire new start-up market schemes or simply help stimulate demand following a market redevelopment and reduce their voids with innovative, high calibre businesses.

Quarterbridge Lettings. The UK’s only dedicated Market letting agency

The UK’s only letting agency dedicated to working within the specialist covered market and market hall industry. Our unique position of understanding the market industry allows us to provide guidance to owners and operators to best develop their market and attract high calibre traders best suited for their market.

Using this experience, we work with market services pitching rents at optimum levels, ensuring trader longevity whilst delivering sustainable income for operators.

With the continued interest in ‘indie’ and specialist retailers plus local food and drink, markets are in a prime position to offer a home for these small and medium size retailers who find traditional High Street locations too costly and quite often under populated.

Bringing these retailers together in one trading environment, market owners and operators can increase footfall and marketing opportunities. It is this vitality that helps in creating a wonderful and unique shopping experience.

Increasing occupancy does not just increase direct income for a market but can assist with reducing costs as well. With the majority of market halls now rated separately for business rates rather than ‘in the whole’, empty unit business rates can impact on the profitability of a market. Following improvements to a market or a full redevelopment, our lettings team can assist by increasing occupancy levels, negating empty unit business rates.

Our lettings team have worked on a wide range of schemes, from 126 units down to just 15 units and from modern to traditional market designs. We are highly adaptable and work alongside development teams or existing market management.

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In a challenging retail environment, finding the right traders is vital to sustain the longevity and popularity of a market.

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