Street food and Food Halls


Todays Shoppers expect more than 9 – 5 stalls on a 5-day Market. Shopping needs to be an enjoyable experience, not just a chore to be ordered for home delivery. Shoppers expect a variety of goods, events and entertainment for the whole family throughout the day and into the evening. Sunday opening is a must – it’s the second most important shopping day of the week. Seasonal food and craft festivals encourage return visits and need to be tailored to school holidays.

Quarterbridge has been developing street food scenes and food halls for many years and we now find this is the fastest growing sector of the market industry.

Food halls offer groups of friends a dining and drinking experience around the same table but with food offerings from around the world suiting everyone’s tastes. Adding entertainment to the food hall, be it an unplugged acoustic evening, quiz nights, comedy club etc. provides long dwell time and repeat business benefiting food and beverage vendors and landlords who benefit from turnover rents.

In 2019 Quarterbridge was instrumental in the design, specification, pre-letting and development of the Wool Market Food Hall in Doncaster, which now has a significant impact to town centre footfall and has become the new place to go!.

We are currently delivering new food halls in shopping centres and remodelling markets to include food halls throughout the UK.

Shoppers are becoming more discerning and seeking experiential retail and dining experiences.