Market Halls and RAAC: Oh no – Here we go again….

September 2023 by QBPM Marketing and PR Team

Every 10 years or so another product defect appears to plague building owners. The latest is RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). Structural failures of school roofs built of RAAC in the 1970′s and 1980′s is bad news for budget-stricken education authorities…

The launch of the redeveloped Wool Market provides a retail and dining experience in Doncaster to show that Markets are still vital to town centre regeneration.
Following extensive input from Quarterbridge Market Developments and Quarterbridge Lettings, Doncaster’s newly refurbished Wool Market has enjoyed a hugely successful first week’s trade.

Caveat Emptor

September 2018 by Jonathan Owen

Buying companies as a going concern is fun. Sometimes. Despite purchasers’ best efforts when sniffing around accounts, staff contracts, order book, supply contracts and other ‘due diligence’ they inevitably spend a couple of years digging up buried bodies:‘Oh sorry, didn’t you know the HQ is built over an old mineshaft?

Market Walk

October 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Market Walk, Woking’s new covered Market was opened on 4th October at a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Mayor, Tony Branagan.

Skipdiving in Mudford

February 2014 by Jonathan Owen

It’s time to celebrate – the recession is over! Official government figures confirm the UK economy grew faster than expected in 2013.