Pull the Udder one

September 2015 by Jonathan Owen

Jonathan Owen discusses the supermarket milk war and the reasons behind it. Plus, what happens when ‘unexpected items’ appear in supermarket bagging areas

Playing Blink

August 2015 by Jonathan Owen

The July budget, described as ‘a budget for working people’ was disappointing for small businesses. Meanwhile the Germans played a game of blink – and lost.

Flying off the shelves

January 2015 by Jonathan Owen

‘Sell your shares in any company when it buys a company jet or builds a new headquarters’ they say.

Blowing the Whistle

November 2014 by Jonathan Owen

A whistleblower at Tesco thought the Chief Executive should be told half-year profit forecasts were being overstated by £250m.

Tweet Tweet

September 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Pied Wagtails and Tesco don’t mix – just like Seagulls and Open Markets.

Recycling across Europe

July 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Processed foods comprise a significant part of the estimated 3.4 million tonnes of food wasted every year in the UK food processing.