Extreme Couponing

June 2014 by Jonathan Owen

According to UK service provider Valassis, more than £1.7 billion of short-term offers were redeemed by retailers last year.

Eye line is Buy line

May 2014 by Jonathan Owen

‘Eye-height is buy-height’ is a common saying in retailing, so product brands pay a fee for eye-level positioning.

Are ALL Banks Bad?

April 2014 by Jonathan Owen

The UK’s largest Foodbank provider, the Trussell Trust has confirmed a 51% rise in useage in the last couple of years.

Skipdiving in Mudford

February 2014 by Jonathan Owen

It’s time to celebrate – the recession is over! Official government figures confirm the UK economy grew faster than expected in 2013.

Not so Sweet

January 2014 by Jonathan Owen

Obesity in the Netherlands has doubled in the last 20 years or so and Paul van der Velpen blames much of that on sugar.

Frankenfish & Chips

October 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Back in the 1960’s Colonel Sanders of fried chicken fame allegedly tried to breed chickens with three legs for his restaurants.

Know your Market

May 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Tesco have blamed poor sales on the economic recession but US analysts say that’s wrong.

Two Dead Certs

March 2013 by Jonathan Owen

News emerged from the ‘Big Four’ Supermarkets in March – Morrisons are going online and Tesco have bought-into ‘Giraffe’.

A Fiver Each Way

February 2013 by Jonathan Owen

Owen Paterson has told the FSA to investigate claims that regular warnings of horsemeat entering the food chain were ignored.